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  • Total
  • Wins 177,296
  • Loses 2,225,827
  • Kills 2,208,626
  • Forfeits 179,714
  • Average by player
  • Wins 3
  • Loses 32
  • Kills 32
  • Forfeits 3
  • Player
  • Total 81,910
  • With stats 70,634
  • This week +153
  • Percent 0%

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Hello everyone, this is a community website for SOTF players. I'm collecting all public data from Steam and SOTF reports.

Feel free to register with the Steam login (the Steam Login doesn't allow us to collect more data from you) so you will have a shortcut to your account and some customizes pages (and more in the future).

I'm doing this by myself, just because I love SOTF and coding

There is a steam post if you wanna talk about it, or you can just send me a feedback.

And also thanks to everyone