I should get this achievements but it doesn't appear in my list.

If the report is not broken, check the description of the achievements, some are for example only for ffa, or only if you win or survive the game. Some achievements are refreshed every hour, so wait an hour and if it's still not on your list, drop an email!

I killed the last guy with xxx but it's not in the report or the view of the site.

Sometimes the line of the report provided by WildCard is broken, someone dies but no weapon or killer is given. it occurs when your weapon breaks, for example, you kill someone with the shot of your bow that actually broke it. Some weapons breaks pretty easily (the RPG with only 2 shots) so if you are trying to get achievements take good care of your gear! If the WildCard's report is broken, unfortunatelly, there is nothing we can do to fix it on our side.

How can I add reports ?

Add the end of a game, if your tribe is top 2, you have a report displayed on your screen with a button, "Show report", when you click on it, an internet webpage will pop in the steam browser. just copy the link of this webpage, go on your profile page, paste the link of the report and click on add. If everythings work properly, you'll be redirected to a new page with informations about the game you just uploaded. (+images) You can also get your five last reports (your last top 2 games) on the main screen of the game by clicking on "After Action Report", click on the one you want and, again, copy the link to your profile.

I can't see all my games.

Since we cannot automatically retrieve the after action reports, you need to upload the link of the report on the website so it can be counted. Only the members of the two last tribes get access to the in-game report so by uploading it here, you make it accessible for the others as well.